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B.R.'s Blog of Awesome Stuff!!!!

Straight from the desk of BR.   It's time to share : )   Videos, websites, articles anything interesting or fun.  Wanna have the latest stuff to share on facebook find it here!



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I'm Back!!! and taking the high road.  Time for a fart joke!







Hamburger time.  This is a trippy song from Deth Klok.






So which version of Spin me right round is your Fav??







Jone's Big Ass Truck Rental and Storage






TV Bloopers





The best ways to wake up your friends!





The best Sham Wow Dub over Parody Yet!!!!!!



Funny TV Moments.  I almost crapped myself at :40 seconds.  And here comes the bonus!

Is it just me or is that Wooldoor Sockbat from Drawn Together




Funny News moments and slip-ups





Man Injured By Falling Cow in Port ST. Lucie  ( I had to post it with a title like that.)

Thank God the cow was not injured


Story Here




In remembrance of 9/11...... A beer commercial.  Actually for a corporate attempt to cash in on a national tragedy in order  to sell terrible tasting beer it's actually a bit moving.  The horses are pretty awesome.





The Best of Mr. Popo from Dragon Ball Z abridged.





Slide projector $200, Video studio rental $350, making a song about Pres Obama and paying some guy to get stoned and yell "Obama!" as a background singer.... priceless! 

The best part is , It's a pretty catchy song.  Obama!




Good ol' W.  Fox News just isn't as funny without him.




Spiders on drugs.  The Scientific approach.



For everyone who has fond memories of Mystery Science Theater 3000 do not despair!  The Gang is back with a new setup and bringing the funny!

Check out the full line at


If only I had a dead talking deer.



Quite possibly the best prank ever!



You know you have no life when.....



My Brute


Check out this sweet flash based game.  It's great for making decisions.  Instead of flipping a coin have your Brutes fight it out.  Try to beat BR's Brute or join the Brevard Underground Clan

My Brute


P.S.  After you make your Brute, tell it's future here with Brute Tools .  This site will tell you what weapons and abilities your Brute will have at any level.  It's in French but I'm sure you can figure it out.





With all the hype for the New Dragon Ball Movie coming out, Team Four Star  has created a newly redubbed version of the first season of the Dragon Ball Z Cartoon.  If you're a DBZ fan I guarantee you will love this!!!  Check it out!!!

Dragon Ball Z Abridged



Fat Kid on a roller coaster.   I guess they never really designed the seat for this situation.   The best part is the kid might have really been in trouble but the woman never stops laughing.




Real Outtakes from  the Thunder Cats!  I found these years ago and just thought of them.  I laughed so hard I could barely breath. 




Charlie the Unicorn 1 - Retardedly funny.

I was up in the air about this one but it grew on me, check it out!



Florida Tech Identity theft commercial.  Watch it so we can get it to 1000 hits by the end of the week : ).




In Honor of all those Graduating in the next few weeks here are some words to live by. 

Nathan Explosion give the commencement speech at Harvard. 


Free KFC Grilled Chicken Coupons available today only!


Part of the KFC promotion. Skunk Monkey saw it on Chan 13 News.

Get a free coupon for a 2 piece grilled chicken meal!   Up to 4 per computer. 

Coupons is good till 5/19/09 not valid on 5/10/09 (Mother's Day)

Go to   The printing can be slow so just be patient.

Note:  I know site traffic will be heavy for them especially right before lunch and dinner and 9:30pm so if it doesn't work try back later.   Site expires at 9:59 tonight so get on it! 


Find KFCs in Brevard Here

Coupon available for printing from 9am CDT 5/5/09 to 9:59pm CDT 5/6/09. Coupon is redeemable at participating KFC® locations in the U.S. from

5/5/09 to 5/19/09, excluding 5/10/09.




Banner E


So, all the Trekkies are camping out  in front of theaters waiting for the new Star Trek movie to come out.   But, did you know there's another Star Trek movie you may not even have heard about?  Well put on your fake ears and squeeze yourself into you spandex  federation uniform because Star Trek - Of Gods and Men is here!


A veritable who's who of  original cast members and others who have played a part in the various incarnations of Star Trek appear in this film.   Returning characters include Pavel Checkov, Nyota Uhura,and Tuvok.  There are also actors that have played several other Star Trek characters in the movie, however, they do not appear as their characters like Neelix and Harry Kim.


Of Gods and Men is just as Indi as Brevard Underground...   And that's why we like it.  Unlike the film coming out on May 8th, there's no huge special effects budget, no over the top hype or marketing and the cast does not look like they were recruited from 90210.   What you have is hardcore 70's Sci-Fi shot with the best AV equipment a Best Buy credit card has to offer.


The movie plays out in 3 acts ,each about 30 min long and all of which are free to watch online.  So grab your Klingon Nachos and some Romulan Ale plug the laptop into your TV and enjoy the Star Trekkie goodness that is Of Gods and Men.





A voice over spoof of the old G.I. Joe tips at the end of each episode - Thanks to Elise for telling me about it. 



Let's go Tazee Crazy!  LOL!!!  And yes, Ponce really is retarded.

Retarded Policeman #8: Tazer 



So I cam e across this video someone made from an old Captain Planet episode.  Check it out, it's freakin hilarious!


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