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The Cigar Shoppe - Oliva event and Bert's B-day

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Good times at The Cigar Shoppe on 192.  We headed over a very special Oliva Cigar event.  The Oliva representative was our old friend Bert and it just happened to be his birthday!  Happy birthday Bert!!!

As usual we enjoyed delicious food from the BBQ and relaxed in the newly remodeled lounge.  Cap'n Slo and I enjoyed some of Oliva Cigars best , including the Cain Daytona and the Nub.  There were drawings for great Oliva prizes and I even won a sick Oliva Cain t-shirt.   Check out the photo gallery and check out the Cigar Shoppe.

If you missed it, keep an eye on the Cigar Shoppes website for next month's event!




Sharee Young  Article By BR Davis

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