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The Cigar Shoppe - New Years Oliva event


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Jan 14 2011

Time to ring in the wonderful New Year, Cigar Shoppe style!!
Cap'n Slo and myself headed over to The Cigar Shoppe (formerly Cigars 90 Plus) located in West Melbourne, off of 192, for their “Oliva Cigar” and late New Year's event.
Tom, the owner is known for going all out on his events, and this one was no exception. A live DJ and Barbeque were the first things we saw as soon as we pulled up to the event.

Slo and myself were quick to join in and light up. The place was packed! We ran into many old friends and even made some new ones.
Bert Gottfried, the representative from Oliva Cigars, was on hand to talk about their new cigar line, and was fully prepared with special deals on Oliva Cigars and Oliva items for raffle. I even won a beautiful Oliva Cigar ashtray in the event’s raffle!

After saying hello to the many faces, food was served and, OH MAN was it good! Delicious ribs, burgers, coleslaw, beans and tons more were served, and did not disappoint the huge crowd! After eating way too much we settled in at the comfortable lounge and relaxed with an Oliva cigar and listened to Bert’s intriguing tales of interest.

If you missed out keep an eye out for their next event at



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