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Sharee Young  Review By Sharee Young

When you first arrive at Meg O’Malley’s, based off of its traditional, yet funky Irish motif, you probably wouldn’t be surprised if a guy playing some bag pipes were to walk out and hand you a Guinness upon your entrance.   The entire restaurant is filled with all sorts of Irish memorabilia; right down to its menu, where Meg’s offers you a wide variety of traditional Irish cuisine (they even have European steak sauce!) while still sticking to the stereotypical image associated with the drunken Irish population, by allowing a large number of the dishes have booze incorporated in them in some way.  However, don’t let its all fun atmosphere fool you; Meg’s is no prankster when it comes to your entrée.   

After looking over the menu for a few minutes, I decided to begin my meal, with a typical dinner salad- for this, I chose the house salad.   Named the “Four Provinces House Salad,” for a traditional dinner salad, I have to say, its appearance was absolutely amazing (cause let’s just be honest, a typical dinner salad isn’t usually the most aesthetically enticing aspect of dinner.)  Complete with fresh greens, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, garlic croutons and topped off with cheddar cheese, Meg’s takes the normal, boring dinner salad and makes it something that is, although simple, incredibly tasty. 

Second, I tried the Onion soup. While most restaurants serve “French Onion Soup,” Meg O’Malley’s takes this concept and puts and Irish twist on it -“Megafied” this classic is called the “Emerald Island Onion Soup.”   While most versions of this soup are made with a caramelized onion beef broth, Meg’s stays true to those boozin’ Irish roots and gives its customers a caramelized onion soup consisting of a rich, dark lager broth, baked with bread croutons and Swiss and Farmhouse Cheddar cheese smothered on the top of the bowl.   In my opinion, this is the best “French Onion” Soup that I have ever tasted.

Okay, and if I wasn’t feeling full already at this point, I had to continue the gluttony by going on to main course.  And of course, I had to pick the one of the heaviest dishes on the menu, the “Big Boppers’ Meatloaf.”  I decided upon this entrée because I felt that I had to offer a description of the true Irish cuisine that this restaurant delivers.  The “Big Boppers’ Meatloaf,” is listed as a family recipe that the O’Malley’s decided to pass down to the restaurant to share with its customer base.  This Meatloaf consists of ground beef and pork, mixed with a secret spice blend and raisins.  This dish comes accompanied with Colcannon, buttered cabbage and a brown roll.  Although, I am not much of a meatloaf lover, I have to admit, Meg’s had me sold on their old family recipe.

So, if we would have to reduce the description of Meg O’Malley’s down to a hit or miss, I would definitely say it was a hit—a bit hit.  In fact, Meg’s is such a big deal that the people of Brevard County have listed it as a favorite for local families for several years.  Meg O’Malley’s is also a big contender on the local entertainment front.  It is responsible for several of the live music concerts in the area and is hosts to several festivals that occur annually on select holidays, such as Meg O’ Ween on Halloween and its infamous St. Patrick’s Day festival.

All in all, thanks to all at Meg’s who truly provide a unique product to the everyday workin’ man- a good meal at a good price and on more than one occasion a good time.  So, to those who haven’t experienced the fun over at Meg O’Malley’s when you get a chance, make sure you get to that side of town to kiss those Irish lads, because this place truly is Brevard’s own “pot o’ gold.”

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