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  • I can't see the map or videos:

    • To see maps and videos on this site you need the latest version of the  free software Java and flash player installed and not blocked by a firewall.

  • I zoomed in on a map to see a place but there's nothing there:

    • Sometimes it takes a while for Google maps to update it's satellite images (sometimes a long while).  If you think the map might be wrong feel free to let us know at

  • I clicked on a link, but it went to the wrong place or the page was not found.

    • With so much information on this site, this can happen from time to time.  Please email any problems you find to and we will have them fixed A.S.A.P.

  • I found some info that doesn't seem to be right, who should I tell?

    • If you find any incorrect info, a map pointing to the wrong place, etc.  Please email us at with a detailed summary of the problem and we will correct it.

  • I know a great Park, Restaurant, Night Spot, Band, Surf Break, Upcoming Event, etc, but it's not on the site.  Can I have it added?

  • Can I help with Brevard Underground?

    • Sure!  This place takes a lot to keep going.  If you would like to help out, send us an email at and tell us a little about yourself.

  • Can I advertise my business on Brevard Underground?

    • Advertising is what keeps Brevard Underground going and free to the public.  Click here for more info

  • Who is Skunk Monkey?

    • Skunk Monkey is what is commonly referred to as a Skunk Ape or Florida Bigfoot.  He ( at least we think he's a he ) was discovered by B.R. while on a scouting trip deep in the Florida Everglades.   B.R. took him in and soon found that he had a gift for using computers.   He was left alone in the studio one night and when B.R. went to check on him the next day he had finished a week's worth of video editing and fixed several bugs on the website.   He now roams the woods on the  Brevard Underground Compound  and helps B.R. run the site.  Think of him  like a very furry 7 foot tall Umpa Lumpa that smells like a warm dumpster.

  • I still have questions???????



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