Kentuky Derby in FL!!!  Friday 5/5/12 at Bunky's Monkey Bar!!!

Food & Drink Specials, and a chance to win an iPad 3!!!!!




Good times at the Cigar Shoppe 9/2/11



Photos here



A Night At The King Center With Brian Regan





Bunky's Monky Bar is open for business!!!!



Check out the Photos here


Gnarley Charley's Grom Surf Contest Sebastian inlet 2011



Video here





Cocoa Beach Super Boat Grand Prix Race 2011


Real Super Boat action!!   Don't miss this video!!!!

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Epic Fail!!!  This guy returns a laptop he bought and gives it one star because he can't read the manufacture date.  It's idiots like this that are the reason I don't trust online reviews.  See the review here..









Melbourne Beach 14th Annual Crawfish Boil



Check out the Video here!!!!






The 321 Local 5/13/2011

Check out the pictures and Live video here





Son On the Beach reviewed



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Darth Vader vs Hitler. Epic Rap Battles of History


Freaking Hilarious video!  Check it out in BR's blog







Melbourne Beach Founders Days Event



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El Bohio Restaurant celebrates their 17th Anniversary


View Album and read article here




The Cigar Shoppe - Oliva event and Bert's B-day

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Surfing, Events, Food Fun and More at the 2011 Ron Jon Easter Surf Fest.

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Photos and Article from the Valentines day event at The Cigar Shoppe!  Check em out

article and photos here....






New Video in BR's blog.  See what happens when a family of Ducks meets a 4mph wind gust


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New Video from The OVNI Sound System - Perfect World

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Jan 14 2011

Photos from the Olivia event at The Cigar Shoppe!  Check em out

article and photos here....









Check out the great time we had at Cigar's 90 plus' Christmas party!!!

video, article and photos here....







New Video from Forever Silly Beans - Monoclopse!
One of the greatest Metal Bands in Brevard.

Watch the video here....






Space View park Located in Titusville video.


One of the best spots for watching Shuttle and Rocket Launches. 

Watch the video here....






The Rex Goliath Band review with a Brevard Underground exclusive video.


The Rex Goliath is the new sound of rock. With inspirations ranging from Talking Heads through Incubus, Genesis to Primus, or Nirvana to The Doors,

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Check out McGriff Skate Park in Palm Bay.   We're headin down this weekend to check it out.  





New info on Microsoft's Security Essentials Free antivirus.


Keep your Computer fast and safe with these free programs and tips from BR!  After all if you computer doesn't work how can you visit Brevard Underground?

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