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                                                 - Free Surf Cams, Daily Surf Report and more


Grind for Life - The mission of the Grind For Life organization is to provide financial assistance to cancer patients and their families when traveling long distances to doctors and hospitals.


Duque Cigars - One of our all time favorite smoke shops in Brevard.  Come in for a free shot of Costa Rican Coffee.  - Some of Kelly's Art and Photos




Coupons and Free stuff!!!!   Because saving money is good.


Retail Me Not - Coupons and online savings codes with an easy search  Lots of printable coupons for everyday items.



B.R.'s Picks  (viewer discretion advised on some of these)

Ill Will Press - The antics of Foamy.  A foul mouthed squirrel who loves to complain. (animated)

Weebl's Stuff - The stupid world of Weebls Stuff. Home to the Badgers, Kenya, magical Trevour, Cat Face,  and two eggs obsessed with pie.  Animated goodness for all.

Film Cow - Home of Charlie the Unicorn and more awesome flash toons

jackass World - Jackass' online site

Hulu - Free, Legal TV shows and Movies with HD streams

South Park Studios - Watch every episode of South Park in High Quality

Star Trek - Of Gods and Men - The Star Trek Movie you've never heard of!

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Jaroo - Watch classic Toons for free here.


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