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   The Dubplates (formerly Dub Island Soundsystem)

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 A few years ago I came across an MP3  simply labeled "Big Boom Draw"  out of curiosity I clicked and was immediately hooked on the beat and flow of this unknown band.   After doing a bit  of googling I came across a three man Reggae band that hailed out of all places but Charleston SC.  They had a few more songs on their website each just as good. 


 The Dubplates represent the meeting place where modern urban culture weaves seamlessly with old school reggae and dancehall traditions. Spreading love and respect from Santa Monica to Jamaica to Puerto Rico, Dub Island is not what you would expect.

The Dubplates gives reggae an over-the-top, frenetic, slice-and-dice autopsy. Their mash-up style is the ideal synthesis of reggae music and electronica. Performances and recordings contain those moments that can only be described as “irie”. Want, Raggae, Caribbean fusion, dancehall, underground, drum n’ bass, and electronica? You get all that in one session.


Chuck and Chalice : BVI Kite Jam part 2 from Justin Nathanson on Vimeo.

 The Dubplates is constantly writing and producing reggae music and has recorded several sessions in Jamaica. The DI catalog boasts combinations with Jigzy King and specials from Terry Ganzie. When Dub Island isn’t on the road, they keep dances weekly by Folly Beach, SC where they collaborate with an ever growing crew of vocalists including Papa Robbie (SC) and Rude Boy (JA).


     Check out their Music at and at .  They have several MP3s available for download on their flash site and in the Presskit+MP3's sections of their website.   Buy their CD here You'll love it!






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