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So, all the Trekkies are camping out  in front of theaters waiting for the new Star Trek movie to come out.   But, did you know there's another Star Trek movie you may not even have heard about?  Well put on your fake ears and squeeze yourself into you spandex  federation uniform because Star Trek - Of Gods and Men is here!


A veritable who's who of  original cast members and others who have played a part in the various incarnations of Star Trek appear in this film.   Returning characters include Pavel Checkov, Nyota Uhura,and Tuvok.  There are also actors that have played several other Star Trek characters in the movie, however, they do not appear as their characters like Neelix and Harry Kim.


Of Gods and Men is just as Indi as Brevard Underground...   And that's why we like it.  Unlike the film coming out on May 8th, there's no huge special effects budget, no over the top hype or marketing and the cast does not look like they were recruited from 90210.   What you have is hardcore 70's Scifi shot with the best AV equipment a Best Buy credit card has to offer.


The movie plays out in 3 acts ,each about 30 min long and all of which are free to watch online.  So grab your Klingon Nachos and some Romulan Ale plug the laptop into your TV and enjoy the Star Trekkie goodness that is Of Gods and Men.

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